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Digital Menu Boards

There are many reasons why any restaurant can benefit from a highly attractive, highly visible, digital menu environment.

Here's how MenuOnTV© can benefit your business:

1. Easy Maintenance of the menu and instant update. Need to change a price? Not a problem! Our MenuOnTV© software allows you to easily change any menu content from a desktop, laptop, tablet or even your phone, and the changes instantly appear on your TVs.

2. Fixed One-Time Cost will enable you to purchase MenuOnTV© once and use it going forward without any additional ongoing cost. Every time you needed to change a price, using traditional menu boards, you spend money... hundreds of dollars, quickly turning into thousands. MenuOnTV© eliminates these costly changes and gives your restaurant great looking digital menu on TV of your choice, without any cost. Change things as often as you'd like.

MenuOnTV© will pay for itself very quickly.

Digital Signage is an affordable, flexible, very potent & extremely cost-effective solution!
3. Attractive & Varied Displays bring professional, great looking menus to your establishment, having a wide variety of content that could be displayed. It's NOT just for menus, you could have displays with graphics, photos, animations, videos... yes, even real-time videos playing right along side your content, on the same TV.

Do you want to have several TVs displaying the same content, for maximum impact? Not a problem!

Do you think Twitter posts might be a useful addition (or Google+ or Facebook) - bring your Social Media content right on your TV via our software.

Or turn your TVs into your own, personal TV Channel! Just ask us.
Relax and enjoy some potent jazz by clicking on the TV above or LET'S GET STARTED!
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